Tulsa Zoo Announces New Giraffe Exhibit Expansion


The Tulsa Zoo’s giraffe exhibit will be expanding because of a very generous million dollar gift from Osage Casinos!

The announcement was made Tuesday morning. They say the sponsorship will allow the Tulsa Zoo to more than double the indoor space of the giraffe barn, add year-round viewing and make improvements necessary for the Tulsa Zoo’s giraffes.

“Our re-imagined barn will include indoor viewing, to ensure our guests can see our giraffe herd no matter the weather,” said Tulsa Zoo president Terrie Correll.

The expanded barn is scheduled to be ready for move-in in late 2017.

The Tulsa Zoo has three giraffes. The newest is a 2-year-old male, Hekaya, who came to Tulsa from the Bronx Zoo.  He is currently behind the scenes getting use to his new home.  Hekaya joins Lexi and Pili, both females who are 9 and 7, respectively.


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