Monday Motivation-Quick and East Salad recipes


It is way to hot outside to grill or cook so instead make a great green salad to help keep your kitchen cool!

Check out these great simple and delicious salad recipes!

1.Southwestern Cobb Salad-The cobb salad is so easy and delicious! You can use whatever ingredients you happen to have in your fridge! Our favorite cobb salad bring out the southwestern flavors  in this  Southwestern Cobb Salad recipe.

2. Bistro Dinner Salad-This has all the elegant elements of a restaurant salad―fresh-toasted walnuts, soft-cooked eggs, crumbled bacon, tangy blue cheese, and crunchy pear―but it takes just 10 minutes or so to make. A teaspoon of bacon drippings in the tarragon-Dijon vinaigrette makes it extra rich-tasting and flavorful











4.Grilled Chicken Salad-This salad dressing mimics the flavor of a typical Caesar but in a vinaigrette form.


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