Tuesday Night Ride Bicycle Club


Tuesday night ops! Shop ride in full effect or meet up with Kari Bloom and the crew over at Heyburn lake for gravel!

Shop ride will be rolling at 6 PM! Head out for a 19.4 mile ride at your own pace, bring a friend meet a friend evening ride. You can also ride alone on this fully marked course if you just need a little peace and quiet.


Tuesday Night Gravel Ride is ON! (Lead by our very own Kari Bloom!)
6:15 roll out for about 23 miles of gravel at Heyburn Lake. Start at Sunset Overlook parking area off of Heyburn Lake Road. PLEASE BRING HEADLIGHTS!!!!!!!

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15210294

Things and stuff to most certainly follow..
See you tonight!


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